New Rating System

Thursday May 24, 2007

A new rating system has been added to When you select a Mii to view, there are now 5 stars displayed below the Mii's name. All you have to do is decide how many stars you think it is worth, then just click that star. A message "Thank you for your vote" will display if your vote went through or "There was an error with your vote" if it didn't. If all 5 stars are gray, no one has rated it yet, so be the first to do so.

Thanks to everyone that visits the site and reads this blog. We want to make this site the best Mii resource around so please send a message by clicking the mail button on the main interface and then filling out the form, or you can send an email to MakeMiiFamous wants to hear your suggestions! Thanks for visiting and keep checking back.

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